Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh how we love the Tribe

We are very thankful these days; for family and friends, a great community to live in, God's provision. We try to lift up an attitude of gratitude in our family, so when Braden's preschool teacher asked him what he was thankful for so she could post it on the wall for everyone to see Braden replied "fields". "You know Football fields, soccer fields, baseball fields and basketball fields..." Braden we are thankful for fields as well and for living in the town of our alma mater where we can root on the Tribe as a family.

And yes, we have embraced the Griffin as the new mascot... I when I say embrace I mean that literally. Coleman hugs the Griffin every time he sees him. He actually is no longer afraid of the Chick fil A cow because we convinced him that the cow is friends with the Griffin.

Basketball season has arrived...