Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but there hasn't been really anything new to report. Coleman is doing about the same. He continues to struggle with rapid breathing (varies from twice to three times that of a normal baby his age). Yes, it has now been two months that he has been doing this... We had more blood extensive blood work done today and will get results back in a couple of days. Please be praying that the results are good (I don't exactly understand what they are looking for so "good" is as descriptive as i can get --- something with capillaries...)
The encouraging news is that he continues to grow, now weighing in at 13 pounds 7 ounces. Unfortunately all the chub made it hard for them to find a vein on him today to take his blood; never a dull moment. (yes this is a repeat for those of you on the email list...)

Braden is thriving. He favorite activity is going to Busch Gardens with his friends. Yes we are very spoiled in Williamsburg especially because he still gets to go for free! Unfortunately Busch Gardens is only open friday-sunday until Memorial Day, so Braden is quickly learning his days of the week... Braden: "What day is it today Mama?"
Me: "its Wednesday Braden" Braden: "Then Thursday then FRIDAY!!!"
Here are some pictures/videos of his favorite rides with his friends Addy, Sophia, and Jack... he would ride the Griffon if I let him.
He and Addy are actually to short for this ride, but Kristyn and I snuck them on...

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