Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a great family Easter weekend. On Saturday we went to Busch Gardens, and then on Sunday we hosted the family (and Simones). Coleman did have to get checked by the doctor again on saturday and sunday for his breathing issues, but hopefully he will be in the clear soon.

Here are some of the Easter highlights...
Braden loved his Easter basket... especially his new bubble toy.
Coleman got to meet many members of the family for the first time.
Sophia Simone was a big highlight of Braden's Easter celebration... young love?
Braden dominated the Easter Egg hunt in the front yard... he normally isn't that aggressive, but it might have helped that Collin isn't walking yet and Sophia was just getting the hang of it.

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Leigh Ellen Rodriguez said...

Hi Bryce and Laurie, Your family is beautiful. We loved looking at all the pictures. Carlos and Leigh Ellen